Stay Strong Kaitlyn0

kaitlynA girl I know recently got into an accident. It was a very upsetting time and an enormous amount of people were devistated to hear the news. Her name is Kaitlyn Staten. Personally, I do not know her very well, we were on the same tennis team and I would occasionally see her around school. Never having talked to her before, I wanted to cry when I heard what happened. This girl I had never even talked to before, and I was praying for her?

She is incredibly beautiful, and she just seems like she would be the nicest person ever. I can really tell that a lot of people care about her. On one day an event on Facebook went out saying, “Wear green for Kaitlyn” and I knew that I had to. On that very day I had never seen my school get that into anything. There were so many people wearing green and it made me so happy to see that so many people care.

Especially, Jarrod Stahl. Once again never talked to him before, but I can tell that he has a heart of gold. He is looking out for Kaitlyn and really trying to help her through her hard times. He started a group, and even got wristbands. It’s just so amazing to see that people care.

Kaitlyn, if you are reading this I want you to know you are so beautiful and my prayers are with you. There are so many people looking out for you, and just stay strong. ♥

Jarrod, if you are reading this I want you to know that you are an amazing person.

Keep Kaitlyn and her family in your prayers. ♥